Retail distribution made simple

Credmart is a simplified and reliable a Go-to-Market route for African & Nigerian manufacturers

Your Growth and Distribution Partner

Join to experience how we are helping manufacturers reduce production waste, increase production, maximize distribution, couter-fraud and get reliable and real time market analytics.

Driving growth for African and Nigerian brands

Credmart is your Go-To-Market and distribution Partner as an emerging or existing manufacturer!


Your Visa to over 1 Million Retailers and Whosesalers across Nigeria.

Market Report

With our Data-Driven Market Analytics, you get updates about who is leading and where you rank in the market, plus products reviews.

Product Launch & Distribution

Launching, promotion and distribution of new and existing products now get easier and better using Credmart

Easy to Use Tools

We have built an easy to use solution to help you manage ypur production and sales, less pressure on your sales and marketing managers

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